Chapter 1. “the red pill.”

Remember in “The Matrix”, when Morpheus offered Neo a choice between two pills; a blue pill and a red pill. Morpheus explained that “the blue pill” would allow Neo to return to life as usual without there ever being any sign of anything wrong, and “the red pill” that would reveal that humans are farmed while fed a hologram, designed to distract, as their life force is harvested by machines.

Red pill or blue pill?

Morpheus knew that Neo was ready to receive it calmly, but he had to explain that if Neo decided to take “the red pill” he would be useless to “the machines” and be unplugged forever.

Well, this book is essentially “the red pill.” Once you begin reading this book, you will never look at the world the same way again.

Trust the government?

If you are like most innocent bystanders, you have been plugged into “the system” and blindly trusting the madmen at “the top”, while watching them eat out the integrity of our once great nation. Believe me you are not alone.

By reading this book, you will realize that you were programmed to be a slave under a globally gridlocked mind control system from the day you were born. Also, by reading this book, you begin the process of repairing and protecting your exploited life from the parasites and predators that rely on your conditioned behaviour patterns to survive.


“In God we Trust” is on the money for a reason!

Human beings are generally good-hearted but are factually imperfect and prone to mistakes and selfishness. It’s built in to human nature to stumble upon our vices which keeps us from being burdensome on others. When we are able to see how our actions affect others, we become self conscious and when we improve the lives of others, we become benevolent. Those who are benevolent are given access to a greater range of freedom within the scope of the greater service they do. Advancement of civilization is a symptom of life and actively serving the “Cosmic Divine Order” A.K.A.  “God’s Will” is man’s ultimate destiny. Unfortunately most pretentious soul-merchant cult “communities”think they have the exclusive on the gates of Heaven, the oldest mind control trick in the book.

Our founding fathers had a lot of time on their hands to learn stuff like science, law and commerce, so they read a lot of books and learned from a lot of people. They were in society clubs and “fraternal orders” where they shared secret knowledge about invoking spirits and becoming powerful and influential.  By comparison to today’s American, our founding fathers were practically Orthodox Christians. Some may have had deviant behaviour, or “God forbid”, theories of evolution. Some may have traded occult business or mind control tricks in fancy clubhouses, but nothing like the way nothing like the way they use the football stadiums today. Like all human beings, they were determinedly trying to escape the debts associated with their rates of consumption, but thinking for the good of mankind.

They wrote it into the nation’s founding document, “The Declaration of Independence” that our life and freedom originates in and is granted by our Creator, God. And they put it on the money to keep us from being distracted by it’s power, to remind us who’s in really control and where we should really be putting our trust.

So why not put our trust back in our Creator and give thanks and praise to God? After all, He gives us the blessing of a birthright, an inheritance if you will, to an international sovereign estate and a nation with a Constitution that’s designed to protect the people from government abuse and a nation of good brothers and sisters who aren’t afraid to use it!

Did you know that policemen have no lawful authority whatsoever over sovereign civilians?

This Sovereign Civilian’s Handbook is for those of us who are fed up with the way government employees misrepresent the laws of this country and abuse the power that the American Jurisprudence allows them. It is also for anyone who really believes in the “American Dream” and wants to preserve our way of life for countless generations to come.

The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook reveals the truth about: 
  • Sovereignty and Servitude
  • The foreign UNITED STATES corporation
  • National origin
  • Sovereign American Citizenship
  • 14th Amendment D.C. immigrant, freed slave and
    corporation citizenship
  • Personhood – human and corporation entities
  • The meaning of the ALL CAPS name on the birth certificate
  • and other government documents
  • Having ninja babies
  • The value of money
  • Right to travel without license or restriction
  • Limits of corporation law enforcement
  • Which laws protect you from corrupt public servants and foreign agents
  • What to do if you are arrested
  • How to build a legal strategy
  • How to record evidence of government misconduct
  • How to bring your evidentiary record to court and win!

Get the Book plus 3 BONUS ITEMS!

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The cat is out of the bag!

The Cat is out of the bag!

This simple guide to knowledge of the law and personal sovereignty is your ticket to liberating your mind from the trappings of the institutional conspiracy for the deprivation of the rights and exploitation of every Soil-born American.

Now is indeed the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. Our founding fathers expect nothing less of us and the world has never been in more dire need of a renewed patriotism. We must use the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for what they were designed to do: govern our country from within the private sector.

Welcome to the Sovereign American Revolution!

So much has happened since I started writing the first edition: American Freedom Made Easy for The Dead’s “Wave That Flag” tour in 2004 that I figure that I should probably revise the whole book(currently the 4th edition.)

I was really surprised when kids came up to me in the parking lots with stories of how they had been robbed by the cops on the way to the shows and how they were so glad that I was out there with this information. It was truly inspirational. What was even better was that by the end of the tour I was getting feedback from kids about occasions where using the included paperwork actually caused the cops to release them and give their money and their belongings back.

We printed the first official version of TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! Your Simple Guide to Sovereignty stapling them together by hand, in the beginning of 2007, and updated it for the 2008 tour. We felt the 3rd edition was good enough to send to to presses and was offered a book deal from the first publisher I gave it to. Being a perfectionist, I turned it down because I did not want to compromise for the convenience. I decided not to take the deal because I knew there was so much more I had yet to tell you about.

Before you actually take “the red pill…”

I want to give thanks to the groundwork and research that has been done by all of the red-blooded Americans that have been called every name in the book including but not limited to Patriots, Constitutionalists, Religious Freemen on-the-land, Sovereigns.

Some of the pioneers of the modern common-law renaissance that deserve mention are George Gordon, David-Wynn: Miller, Bob Hallstrom, Howard Freeman, the Behold group, Anti-Shyster newspaper, and all of the old schools that came and taught, like Barrister’s Inn School of Common Law. These are the people that have tested the system and brought the promise of a peaceful revolution to the people of our. It’s our loyal American law mentors that have inspired us to take up the pen rather than the sword.

These are the men who have sworn that this revolution can be won in the courtrooms without bloodshed; that believe that this country has a heart of gold and that have answered the distressed calling of a nation in tears.


It’s the non-violent solution to…
“the government problem.”

A police contact will almost always put the fear of God in the ordinary man. Although nothing happens save by the will and grace of the Lord, careful consideration and the CERTIFIABLE KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW can keep  one from suffering public humiliation and voluntary membership to the local jail.


...A police contact will almost always put the fear of God in the ordinary man...

I have personally applied countless strategies throughout my career as a civil rights investigator / litigant and in TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook, I reveal all the secret methods for protecting yourself from any deprivation of rights under pretense (color) of lawful authority.

The subjects of sovereignty, law and commerce have been presented as mystical arts that only a fraternal alchemist can be the master of. But that is just simply not the case…

We put this book together for you to have at had one simple rule book that levels the playing field between employees of the legal system and “We the People”. We break-down most of the important principles, strategies and laws into simple sections to de-mystify the matter of Sovereignty and your rights.

Remember, knowledge is power so please, use this knowledge wisely and responsibly.

Volume discounts are available for movers and shakers that are all about educating the masses. Just send an email inquiry to orders (at) flag-book (dot) com

Why not get a group of neighbors together and form a local Sovereign Copwatch and influence your Chamber of Commerce to regulate the commercial activities of your public servants. It’s easy and builds a strong community.

Get it in the Schools!

Most people feel that basic American Common-Law should be mandatory for all high school students and if you share this with the teachers in your life, it will come to pass.

We are in the information age and you will be amazed at how much influence an organized group of sovereign civilians can have on their community. As of 2010, we have organized Sovereign Copwatch nodes all over America and networked thousands of national and international sovereigns, sovereign groups and free-thinking Americans from coast to coast and even around the world into the Sovereign Family Network Project;

Where law is based on the truth of the facts, for the claim, by the law, we have gathered truth, facts, and law, so that every American can have a simple reference manual for the claim of the inheritance, of his/her own individual sovereignty.

TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook

Copyclaim 2004-2011 the living man on the land: ©H.I.R.M. J.M. Sovereign: Godsent™


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Dear Readers,

I want to tell you about a few things we designed to simplify your sovereign declaration process, but first I want to thank you all for using my book as a resource for all these years. It has made a difference in the lives of thousands of free thinking people worldwide.

If you are like many of my friends, you might have worn out your copy, lost it, loaned it or just need a new one. If you are ready to get a new copy,  I have a special offer for you…

Now, when you order a new paperback copy of TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook, I will include these three bonus gifts as a gesture of gratitude for your appreciation:

  • A down-loadable Declaration of Sovereignty
  • A down-loadable copy of the book
  • The Simple Guide to Sovereignty Companion Course

It has been a real pleasure making these resources available to you, please, share them with your friends.

Warmest  regards,
©H.I.R.M. J.M. Sovereign: Godent™
Author: TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook


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